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Dog and cat stereotype busting

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 29, 2012, 9:14 PM

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I wanted to talk about some,mainly dog ones.It's not about breeds but dogs in general. It's also about basic rumors and not politics or animal rights.

1. Dogs are dumb: Dogs are proven to be about as intelligent as a 3 year old human,and can learn over a 100 words generally,one knew a 1000 different words.
They can learn by reinforcement and observation,they can recognize photographs of dogs,as well as sensitive to subtle visual ques and  from humans.
Dogs bred for working purposes tend to be overall more intelligent then ones bred for conformation only.

. Also like the old insult of mouth breather,dogs have to pant to keep their temperature regulated, but it also makes them look less dignified.

2. Dogs are loyal: Loyalty is a concept that is hard to prove. Dogs may protect  and serve you,but they also may jump into someones car or let a burglar in for a piece of steak. They depend on you so they will tolerate and love their abusers,they are also simple minded so do not care about appearances or wealth.

3.Dogs are like babies: Only if you treat them like one. Let the dog be alone sometimes and handle things by itself and you will get rid of most of their dependence. Also if a dog is frightened,do not comfort it,just act like everything is fine. Reinforcing fear will just make a dog more fearful and dependent.
Husky types,sight hounds and other primitive dogs are the most independent. Live stock guardians need barely any human interaction to thrive.
They can bond with other dogs and even other animals above human beings.

4.All dogs eat their own poop: I never had or known a dog that did this. A Small percent will,but it would be no more then 5-7% of dogs I believe.
If they do get this behavior it was likely learned at a young age from another dog,some Puppies will grow out of that habit as well.
It can also be because of poor nutrition as a pup,or was starving at one point.  Otherwise they do it because to them it tastes good and are likely big eaters, even for dogs.
Eating other type of feces like cat or horse is more common in dogs.
Dogs are also not the only animal to do this,wild animals sometimes have to survive by any means,as well as mother animals have to clean their dens.

5. Dogs are chronic leg humpers: Not normally,even if they are un-neutered males. It's more of a bad habit that also shows up in a small percentage of dogs.
It isn't unusual for a dog to once in awhile try to hump his owner/or friend when excited but  most are uninterested in the passing by stranger.
In most dogs it can be easily trained out of as well.

6. Dogs are naturally protective: I read the son of Rintintin(A German Shepherd) slept through a robbery,dogs may or may not protect your property or yourself if not trained to. A large barking dog is a good deterrent either way,especially if its a breed known for their guardian abilities.

7. All dogs love to play fetch: Retriever types mostly,fetching actually has to be trained for and many dogs will not even chase after simple objects such as stick or a Frisbee(such as my Rottweiler.) Tennis balls or soft toys is the best option for teaching a non retrieving breed.

8.  Dogs only see in black and white: Dogs vision is similar to color blind humans,they cannot see reds and greens,but can see colors.

9.Dogs are blindly obedient towards humans: Dogs often have to be motivated with food,if you have a hound or primitive breed and expect it to be obedient without quality treats you are going to go nowhere. Even the most obedient of breeds will not give it their all without a reward of food or a toy.
Dogs also need recall training,otherwise you will get a dog that wont come when their called most of the time. Even recall trained dogs are considered hopeless once on the chaise. It takes a lot of time and patience to get a dog well trained,yet it will never be perfect.

1. Cats are mean,or do not care about you: They are naturally a bit aloof,they are often more shy and fearful then dogs so are less likely to greet strangers. Cats are most likely to be friendly towards their owners and not strangers. They do love getting attention and are playful with their owners.

2. Cats can survive on their own: Better then most dogs,but they only do okay on their own,they also tend to stay close to civilization and live shorter lives. Although they do best in more rural or suburban areas,where there's plenty of Coyotes their numbers will be greatly limited. Cats have more of a overpopulation and wild life conservation problem then any other domestic predator,so don't give it as an excuse to drop of your cat by the side of the road.
1. Cats are cleaner then dogs: Almost true.but kittens can be poor cleaners and theirs always one in the bunch that will need bathing. Old animals can also have issues with cleanliness. Long hair cats may snarl as well.   It's also true that a short fur black dog will seem and be less dirty then a white longhair cat after a outside visit. Dogs with excess hair on their face and legs and dogs that are heavy droolers are also harder to maintain.

2. Cats and dogs slowly kill their prey,or kill for the fun of it: Cats are predators,they also only eat about 60% of there kills. They may quickly or slowly kill their prey. Slowly killing their prey is not uniquely to cats though,young and un-effective predators are just as guilty. Cats like dogs are domestic,they still have these instincts but has been partly bred out of them. Animals don't kill out of sadism,they are unable to feel sorry for a prey animal,they do it because their hungry or perhaps its a fun game to them,like playing with a toy mouse.
Dogs do sometimes eat what they kill. Hunting instinct has been and still is encouraged in many breeds,their hunting instincts have always been beneficial to man kind even sense the beginning.
We developed and over bred animals that mostly depend on us,it is our responsibility to control them as well.

3.Dogs and cats cannot get along: Many cats seem to have a natural fear and reactivity towards dogs,dogs like chasing cats,and some dogs will even kill cats.  That said their are many households with cats and dogs that tolerate and even like each other. Young dogs and cats will sometimes even play together.
So its possible,look for a dog breed with lower prey drive,a confident and playful cat,and socialize.

4.All dogs love water and all cats hate water: Although dogs are less panicky around water,a pretty large percentage of dogs would prefer to not go in deeper water. I feel the stereotypical dog is based on Labradors and Golden retrievers,which naturally have more of a love of the water then breeds that do not have a history of working in water. Of course all dogs are individuals and you can get two from the same breed and litter and one may love water and the other dislikes it.
A very large percentage of cats hate water with a passion,but their is sometimes a cat that actually enjoys swimming. Turkish Vans are known for their curiosity and love of water.

5. Dogs or Cat mothers eating their own babies: killing their babies can happen if the Mother is under extreme stress,but it is still very rare. Their much more likely to ignore a dead kitten or puppy,not eat it. Unfit Mothers are also much more likely to ignore or abandon their litter then feel that they have to kill them. Even good mothers can often mistreat the runt,or any that is unlikely to survive.

People that have been around and had cats and dogs enough should know better,but the people that haven't tend spread these rumors.
I`m sick of the dog people vs cat people fights I always see,and they tend to use these rumors as their reasons.

Despite what animal planet cutest cats says in that cats are superior to dogs because cats can climb trees,open doors and climb fences.
Pugs are more popular online then Greyhounds doesn't mean their better,their just "cuter".  Not many people care about dog athleticism anymore,and they don't care to try to do some research before they slander a species on television. I forgot what she said otherwise,I didn't feel like watching the show anymore.

Dogs climbing trees:………
Sure they may not be as good as cats but they can climb a little!

Dogs opening doors:………

Dogs climbing fences:………

:icondiabolical-animals: :iconbeasts-of-war:
Everything is going to hell,wake up and join the ride.
Thanks for the faves and watches,you dont need to tell me...especially if its a freaking watch-back!
Proud to not use DA watermarks,or any at all anymore,even though I have had stolen art. It makes the pictures look like crap way too often.
Like anyone cares..
$10-40 for inked or digital artwork

The dog embodies - unconditional love and cold destruction, domesticity and wildness -- opposite forces in continual, dynamic equilibrium - by Mark Derr

   "There's facts about dogs, and then there's opinions about them. The dogs have the facts, and the humans have the opinions. If you want the facts about the dog, always get them straight from the dog. If you want opinions, get them from humans."
-- J. Allen Boone… youtube account


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